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“The passion, experience and knowledge delivered is second to none. The success that comes from their practice, tips and tricks is proven in my daily engagements as a Partner Account Manager."
Lara Samford

Lara Samford

Regional Partner Manager at LastPass

“I would highly recommend Luigi and the team. They are knowledgeable practitioners that are easy to work with and, after just a few weeks, have made a massive impact on our sales systems."

Katie Swick

Sales Enablement at Stripe

“I'm always looking for an edge, some new material, whether that be a line at the end of my email or a new intro or a new way of asking for a meeting.

Growth Forum is the place that helps me keep my edge and no.1 in sales at Convera.”
Carl Valeri

Carl Valeri

Ex-Socceroo | BDM at Convera

“I went from not knowing the fundamentals of a sales process and having fear of pushing through objections to then becoming one of the top sales reps at my company.”

Lucinda Johnston

Sales Executive at SprintSuite

“For the first time in my sales career, I hit 120% of my target as a result of completing the Sales OS program."

James Pickett

Sales Manager at DocuSign

"The team’s passion, experience and knowledge clearly show through during our sessions. Thank you for motivating our team and sharing key learnings to accelerate growth.

I strongly recommend that Growth Forum help you in sales enablement activities to achieve sales objectives".

Filippa Rusec

CCO at DB Schenker

“We've significantly increased our pipeline and boosted our bottom line. I highly recommend Sales OS to any business owner looking to drive sales fast. The investment in this program has paid for itself many times over.”

Costa Vasili

CEO of Ethnolink

“I was able to build a huge foundation of sales skills and completely change the way I approached my role. I immediately started booking more meetings and tripled my results!”

Naum Sekulovski

Sales at Food By Us

“I've struggled to get my team aligned and on target with Sales for months.

These guys delivered the tools to help me achieve our Quarterly Goals (we actually exceeded them by 43%).

I cannot recommend Growth Forum highly enough, unless you are one of our competitors 😉"
Ash Bent

Ash Bent

Founder & CEO at Sketch & Etch

“The best use of my hour in a LONG TIME. The content was authentic, personable, and brought tons of value."
Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes

Founder & Keynote Speaker

“Our partners have the confidence to identify and proactively prospect into our ideal clients, and are self-generating new opportunities. Sales OS have become an extension to our enablement team.”

James Fielding

Head of Sales Enablement at Grant Thornton

“Luigi and the team are always really informative and provide very useful insights. Thanks Growth Forum!”
Stephen Luxmoore

Stephen Luxmoore

Director of Your HR System

“The Sales OS program has helped me generate 50% more net new opportunities."

Connor Bell

BDM at Hubspot

“The training is very informative. I felt a bit ashamed to realize all of my mistakes lol, but now super grateful that I can work with Growth Forum to fix them."
Ilay Ayhan Turkmen

Ilay Ayhan Turkmen

BDM at Your Parcel

“Sales OS is practical and immediately actionable. I highly recommend Growth Forum to any one or business looking to scale their sales"
Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt

CEO of WarHunt

“Working with David and team has been a flawless experience and am so happy ! Specifically the sales OS program, i learnt so much! 3x sales 🔥🚀"
Rebecca Veksler

Rebecca Veksler

Co-Founder of Four Rooms

“I went from not knowing the fundamentals of a sales process and having fear of pushing through objections to then becoming one of the top sales reps at LinkedIn for North America. I am always learning with Growth Forum.”

Val Perea

Account Executive at Linkedin

“I'm constantly getting gold nuggets everywhere within Growth Forum. Lot's to take away and super easy to implement straight away.”
Tom Ormerod

Tom Ormerod

Co-Founder of Luxico

“One of the key differences in working with Luigi is his ability to turn his knowledge into a practitioner led strategy.

Which really resonates with our senior leaders. It means that he can facilitate room and put things into practice, making these sessions both informative and truly impactful."
Regan Barker

Regan Barker

Head of Sales Enablement at Grant Thornton

“Loved the ability to ask questions during the skill sessions. Luigi does a great job encouraging interaction too."

Craig Cant

BDM at BCI Central

“We loved it! I was at dinner and overhead my team members telling our general manager how valuable they found Growth Forum.

Our team has long-time and new sales reps, so Luigi did a great job making the session relevant to each of us for areas of improvement."
Jane Susak

Jane Susak

Sales Manager of Essential Assessment

“This program was able to take us past theoretical sales into practical evidence based sales techniques and tactics, thank you Luigi and Dave.”

Sanji Kanagalingam

CEO of We Guide

“So I landed a major lead, which turned into a six figure deal. And Luigi helped guide me, on how to position myself and how to approach this pretty large account.

That then led to me being able to go all in on my business. So, I'm super thankful for all that he's done.

Don't be on the fence about working with him. He is not just a shrewd business person and sales person, but he's also very kind."
Charlotte Llyod

Charlotte Lloyd

Founder of Social Selling

“We all think we have some idea of sales, until we hear what Luigi and Growth Forum has to offer – this is a must for business owners and sales executives!"
Jamie Lingham

Jamie Lingham

CEO of Absolute Immigration