The Reverse Marketing Strategy, with Rana Kordahi

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This week we welcome Rana Kordahi! Rana is a sales coach and mentor alongside being the genius behind ‘The Reverse Marketing Strategy.’ With so much knowledge on the sales and marketing process.

This episode is action packed and full of small takeaways which will help you during this difficult time.

Where you can find Rana:


[03:20] - Rana’s journey into the world of sales

[06:30] - Rana’s thoughts on Sales

[08:00] - Working for Employment Services.

[11:30] - How having an understanding of acting and drama helps with sales

[12:30] - The Reverse Marketing Strategy

[15:15] - Rana’s sales methodology

[17:25] - The biggest barriers sales people have that stop them from taking action

[19:30] - Where sales people struggle in the sales process

[20:30] - The characteristics of high performers

[24:00] - The times that Rana has found it difficult to sell

[27:10] - You need to make outreach a habit

[28:40] - Taking that first step after realising you aren’t achieving your goals  

[33:40] - Sales: Art or Science?

[34:20] - What Rana would do differently

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